Monday, November 15, 2004

my day

this is going to, like the category says, bore the shit out of you.

first thing i did today was write a flex calculator. then, i wrote a flex translator (which uses SOAP to talk get the translations.)  Then i had to learn how to make a soap server. Once that was done, I had to learn how to generate wsdl so that flex (or any wsdl sniffing dataobject) could explore the api on it's own. that done, i wrote simple hello SOAP server. then i wrote simple hello flex app.

now, all this is boring as shit, i know. but still, i doubt i will sleep a wink tonight as my mind is trying to absorb all the possibilities that have recently opened up.

Brent will crap if he reads this, but i had an idea today for a free webservice based blog publishing engine which would let anyone who could write a soap connection write their own blogging software on top of the engine. Blow those doors open i say.

more relevant, is the extensive new arena of development possibilities for me.

and somehow, even though i was sure i was leaving php behind (over the next whatever period as i ramp up) i realize it will still be there, my framework will still be there, PEAR will still be there, doing the heavy lifting while flex or whatever does the pretty work.

exciting times and my lust for programming trumped my last night with the PS2.

now. if i could turn of my brain the sleep would make life much more enjoyable.

still reading? you effin glutton.

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