Tuesday, November 09, 2004

the constraints of a time based life

you find yourself on the bottom two (red) stairs of the deck. it's chicago windy and your cat is meowing because he is terrified of the wind. you smoke a smoke and think: i've been practicing 11 on 1 FIFA for what seems like forever (to learn proper shooting technique).

you think, it's been quiet upstairs for a while.
you think, when was the last time i check the clock?

you think
i should have one game and head to bed

you think
am i tired?
you don't know. does it matter?

this is the construct. these are the costs (a deviation from bodily needs). and this is 4:18 in the AM.

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

developing ruzz

periodically i detest this development work. sometimes i just get so sick and tired of coding that i wish i had a nice job pumping gas or something. but, then there are times, where i come across a problem i've faced in the past and faltered on--but am able to handle it clean and easy now, and i realize i've developed as a developer.

Photo_20041102_141026_0008_resizeit's over three years now since I wrote BBT and in that time i have done a lot of projects, developed my own application framework (.ruzz framework) and now the mundane that slowed me down, limiting features and intuitiveness just isn't there.

I was working on an app and i thought, what if i made me an alias? what if i just spoofed one function but did another specfic to a user.. and two lines later i had an alias system.


not to you, of course.

but, even though i could use a serious break from this computer--i feel pretty pleased with myself in general.

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