Wednesday, September 29, 2004




Dear Friends;

You may or may not be aware that due to a terrible unnatural disaster the Ruzz has been temporarily listed as an endangered species.

In moving from his natural habitat of the Big Yellow Commune, the Ruzz has experienced great hardship and strife. And we all know that Ruzz’ hate change.

Aside from the rigours of moving his den of debauchery the bureaucracy of the mean corporate giant, Telus, has affected him. Left without an Internet connection for the next two weeks, Ruzz is weak and suffering from a lack of contact with the outside world. Since his income is also directly tied to the Internet, he is also suffering without funds. No funds means no food.

Without food the Ruzz will perish.

This is a dire situation. We here at the Save the Ruzz Foundation are appealing for your help. Please find it in your heart to “adopt a Ruzz” by donating thru PayPal to: Your funds, in whatever amount, will greatly help in the preservation and feeding of the Ruzz, and in turn you will experience the warm fuzzy feeling associated with saving endangered wildlife.

Tax receipts will not be issued, but with every generous donation you will receive a genuine, bona fide im ruzz commerative “Save the Ruzz” campaign photo in digital format for your collection (and his undying love and gratitude).

With Sincere Thanks,

Reluctant One
President and Founder
Save the Ruzz Foundation

PS During this time The Ruzz can be contacted thru the foundation at

PPS Ruzz’ pencil is large and yellow.

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Saturday, September 18, 2004


what kind of man is a man who is not a soldier not a man nothing
what kind of soldier is one who is not in iron and chains

what kind of man is that why none at all: board him up dig him down under the dirt so the forest will grow

and land you were promised land you shall have and your reward in the land
just open your hand and your reward will be handed to you

just open your eyes and you'll get it between the eyes
i tell you your land lies North to South under a certain spruce-tree

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