Friday, October 08, 2004

in an effort to be less marginalized

i've enacted some rapid and broad changes in my philosophies. i'm increasingly tired of poverty, of being behind all the time and even more of being entirely and undisputably on the fringes of this culture. photography pushing me further still.

so, i retract my resignation to this blog.

blogs are what all the hip kids are into these days and damn if i'm not disgusting in my desire to be a hip kid.

besides, the only thing i'm going to have in my life for the next while is work, work and more work, which means no photography, no photography and no photography, so now would be a retarded time to focus my sites to that. right?

being offline for 11 days gets a guy to thinking about things.

being offline for 11 days gets you so far behind you are lost sometimes.

being offline for 11 days gets you sick and tired of being lost.

being sick and tired, conflicted with unanticipated change, and just contrary can mean all sorts of wishy-washy-oh-look-at-me shit. none of which i will proclaim here before you, god and the holy trinity of my monitor, my keyboard and my internet connection.

save it. stow it.

when a jackpot calls you out, you're called out.

so, i will just keep on trucking here till my days run out, and my fortunes amass, and everyone loves me like they love that cunt paris hilton.

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