Tuesday, October 26, 2004

decision 2004

with violent hand gestures, i decided tonight i'm going to throw my hat back in the "blogging" or personal website ring.

i've been haunted for days with these thoughts of the app i dreamt of, and i find my mind slinking back there whenever it's unoccupied.

so, i clearly have something i want to explore.

I would like to launch january 1st. but that is fool hardy to say. i have too much backload to do this right in that time, so i'm going to shoot for sometime in february.

guess you folks are going to have to listen to a lot of development crap again. ;)

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

meh yay meh yay

i'm undecided if i'm at all decided.

i think i'm leaning towards being decided about being undecided.
a bit.

i wish i could say it's good to be back. and last night for about 3 hours, it was.

today, i have a seminar with macromedia on using video with dreamweaver and flash. I've never done one of their seminars, so i will let you know what i think after that.

and later, much much later, i get to go to the screening of Resident Evil to review it for ineluctable. which is fine and well. I love milla. i dont care if the movie is crap. I just dig watching her kick the shit out of stuff.

any stuff really.

other than that.
i have nothing to say to you folks just now.

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