Tuesday, August 24, 2004

street story: it happened at seven eleven

funny shit that sev. full of insane people.

ruzz: do you have any tubes?

Melanie the Sev Girl: tubes. tubes. hrm. no tubes.
they come in tonight, in about 30 mins..

ruzz: well, i will just wait then (sarcasm)

Melanie the Sev Girl: well, it isn't like you don't know
where the magazine rack is.

20040824_020626_0067ruzz: no. me thinks i will purchase them from
a more reputable establishment

Melanie the Sev Girl, clearing her throat: fuck you.

ruzz, after a long pause: you know mel, if i didn't
know you were under a lot of pressure to pay off
your bad gambling debts --she lost $40 to judekyle
betting on the flames over lightning-- i would be

Melanie the Sev Girl: oh thats harsh man.

ruzz: i didn't want to bring it up but..

Melanie the Sev Girl: listen, we won, we did
really we did win. okay, we lost but we won
you know?

ruzz: no, i don't know, mel, in this world
when you pay someone, it's cus you lost and when
they pay you, it's cuz you won.. see?

Melanie the Sev Girl stares blankly.

ruzz: see? it's like a ... a... a system to help you
know when..

Melanie the Sev Girl: oh shut up.

Melanie the Sev Girl: we won, thats the bottom line

Touque wearing sev guy from the back: see, now i you
did it, now look at the shit i have to listen to for the rest
of the night man

ruzz: i do what i can

Touque wearing sev guy from the back: Shes going to
go on and on and on

Touque wearing sev guy from the back: and on

Touque wearing sev guy from the back: and on

ruzz: sorry man, it aint so bad, you got what? five
hours left

Touque wearing sev guy from the back looks to be
readying a hogie for tossing at ruzz.

ruzz exits.

that sev, man that sev have i got stories. i once lost an three hours of time there. gone. okay, so i was stoned on acid and locked in while we wait for the cops to come (after a huge brawl in the parking lot) but still, they are gone, mathematically gone. and, i once got banned from that sev for stealing a bottle of.. wait for it.. KETCHUP. yeah. fuck.

don't ask.

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