Monday, November 08, 2004

like a jew freed from the weight.

you know, it's a sad sack story. when the yoke of my work is lifted i'm like a jew freed from the weight of the holocust. without that single defining stricture i feel like an empty vessel afloat.

thats a sorry state of affairs, to my mind.

have i forgotten how to play, and explore, commisserate and spend time. yes, spend time. like it's own currency.

thankfully the prophet judekyle is lending me his ps2 for a week sometime today. some play (GTA: San Andreas), some food (maybe dinner with the folks) and some reading are more than enough to engage my energies for a couple days.

but, it wasn't ever an issue of engaged energies. was it.

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

so this is christmas..

who is ready for november?
who felt october was too short.

when i was a kid, my mom told me "when you get older, the time just flies by." and does it ever. 2004 is almost over. 2005 is looming.

wait. let me say that again.


that means, very soon, this decade is half over.

anyone else getting what i'm saying?

where does it go? how did i let my life get derailed for as long as i did?

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Friday, October 29, 2004

the science of morality

i spent the afternoon trying to persuade some humanity into people driven entirely by skewed "im so sure i'm right" morality that it disheartens me. But, strengthens my resolve.

just because we think we are right, and we think we have all the information.. doesn't mean we do. That understanding is the basis for human problem solving, solution making and in the end--communication.

when these things break down we are forced to try to shove our rightness down others throats. no one wins. just look at the middle east.

but, there comes a time, when you have exhausted all other reasonable means, and then you have to serve up and old fashioned reality check.

it's a shame, but it takes two to work things out.

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