Friday, November 26, 2004


because today is a shortie i decided to finally install Delphi 2005 and have a looksee at the new .net stuff. interesting. nothing that shouldn't have happened as far as i can see.

I mean, doesn't it just make sense to standardize the mundane and let programmers do what they should be doing best.. programming?

like we need the resources of a programmatic mind to figure out a window control. no.

That said it's a lot to take in an hour or two.

if only i had infinite time to explore everything that attracted my curiosity.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

funny how things go

sometimes i puzzle at the syncronicity of things, we all do i imagine.

i'm working on a project now that has managed to slide through cracks because of it's nature, and my situation, and it forced me to reconsider some stuff, and really brought out another programmatic breakthrough for me.

and come back to the trite --everything in it's time.

i can't get away from it when it's right in my face. soothing some, calming some.

the risk here is to let this new way of looking at things expand and take over the course of things. Can't do that, because i have a working model and i need to complete it, but, i think the .ruzz framework is going to get a rethink when i have some time. more oop.

anyways, thats it. back to my work.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

worth it?

the question i've been mulling over for days is: will all this work be worth it?

and i can say, having now played around in flex builder, with just the one chunk of data i have working, that yes, yes it's entirely worth it.

the ability to take that data, and format it from a drop down, to a list, to a check list, to whatever in about 30 seconds tells me that whatever time is spent getting data transported (which, now that i understand it isn't much) will be repayed in massive time savings using standard controls to disply the information.

i've realized for a long time that the obstacle we face designing for the web isn't the one we think it is. most people would expect the heavy parts to be the programming application logic (the calculations and changing and binding data part) or even the datastorage (where in you put  and get data from the database) but the truth is the real work always comes from the presentation.

i can easily spend three or more hours working on master-detail lists (which are like summary lists of data --say a list of posts, which when you click on the post takes you to the editing of the post) and whats more,  when i do one, i basically can copy some of it and re-use it but there is always modification, and always formatting and including special features.

so lets say it takes a mean time of 1.5 hours for a good master detail. in flex, 10 mins. maybe less. and it's always 10 mins. always. because of standardized components like the list component. they always look the same, work the same, and require the same work.

this in itself, when applied to the myriad of components we deal with drop downs (which even in html i have down to 1 line of code), lists, and so on saves time exponentially.

so maybe, what we need then, is a set of standardized object based html controls.

if someone could do that.. write a way to just say pass this list of users to this object, tell it which bits to show and your done, i would use html without compunction.

but, no one has, and i doubt anyone will. if i had more time (comedy!) i would write it myself.

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the migraine won by the way. and it was a doosie. completely and utterly shut me down. which i guess, if i coulda just slept would have been a plus.

what it did was force me away from this computer, and give my brain some time to do some indirect thinking.

so, though my brain still hums in that medicated but not corrected way, i came back and within about 45 mins solved this four-day-war against PHP-SOAP-FLEX.

i now have a working soap server that flex can talk to. and it handles complex datatypes, which is kinda the point.

so now.. if i can get my game back i get to start implementing this technology.

wonder if that can mean cash somehow.
im tired of being so poor.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

lets hold hands, you & me.

im close.

actually close. i found a working model that makes some sense, and if this migraine doesn't blind me before i can test some stuff out.. well.. i may get to sleep afterall.

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45 hours in three days. im done. cant focus, cant think, cant .. continue.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

dont try this at home kids

well, it took some modifications to the default PEAR install of SOAP, stuff you wouldn't really want to do in a perfect world, but, i now have a working PEAR::SOAP server talking with PEAR::DB_DATAOBJECT, which means nothing to you, but to me.. well it's proof there is a point to being pigheaded.

so, with that said, i need to play some fifa.

man. i when i woke up i wanted to just move to paraguay and say screw all this programming shit. now, i feel pretty damn impressed with myself.

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at least there are dreams


there is respite in sleep. where the mind slips away from the mild side and into a new world.

a new world where squirells are taking over the world and your cats, who should eat them just french kiss them instead.

maybe the pizza was a bad choice.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


20040823_135504_0003well, today went a lot better than expected. I have mad programming kung fu in my left shoe.


i got work towards four of my six open projects right now. Two of which are uber effin cool for a week or so, one of which is handy dandy going to mean me a check by the endomonth. which is cool like your ass on an ice box baby.

now, if i ever i might finish bbt's renewal stuff, and get poor tired old beats me at chess john in shape, and shave my beard and clean my toliet and meetanicegirlandsettledown i would be all done. my arteries could finally finish thier long harden and we could call this fucker a wrap.

but not for now. not just now. no. now.

for today we plug. we butt plug and mutt plug and hack our way through the heavy brush. shooting day for night and hoping everyone just gets jellykneed at the lush tones.

it's like that kids.

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