Wednesday, October 13, 2004

money = < productivity

today was a productivity disaster. having no car is a disaster. i spent my day running around and taking care of little shit that isn't important, lest we want to get paid, and though money is always welcome, its hell on my productivity.

i've been really deeply wanting to get my self on level ground again, getting some cash, getting a lot done, but days like today, which sidetrack comepletely, can be frustrating.

i did have a good dinner with kiki and jude and da babes though.
thats a bright spot.

i just..
don't want to be behind anymore.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

the bluest plate

i am preparing my food. all ruzz' need regular foodstuffs. it's known the world around. and i took down my favorite blue plate. Nestled it safely in my chubby little arms and said "hello my blue plate" when..

i was over come with guilt about how i took control of the blue plate.

see, the story of the blue plate is the story never told. even i, sometimes forget it's origins. or, really, i used to forget. but, then i saw memento and i learned the secret art of bic prison tatts. so the story was preserved on my upper right thigh.

thank the gods for memento.
yes god, two thanks in one day. write it the fuck down.

the story, as it is written on my right thigh, is that one day the judekyles made too many mashed potatoes. Yes kids, too many. not even the kiki could consume the spoils that day. and so the council was convened to decide to whom the remains of their great battle over the po-tat-oe (a great and evil dictator) and it was decided that a feral ruzz kept in the basement would most benefit.

and so it was the blue plate...

fuck. i ran out of ink that day.


the point is, i saw the blue plate and felt pangs of shame and guilt. does the blue plate's blue plate family miss it? is it happy? are my cupboards big enough for it to plate freely?

these are questions that keep a man up at night people.

i'm sorry jude and kiki. i just loved the blue plate. and if that's a crime --the loving of the plate, not the actual stealing, we all know the stealing is a crime, but the loving-- then man i'm guilty.

oooo. there's my retard quotient for the day!

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