Saturday, October 30, 2004


some people don't get where this world is heading, i dig that. but, i don't expect CBC of all people to get it. wow.

they have a new series, that i expect will one day look like orwell's 1984 in retrospect.

it's about a Canada in the future, a Canada with something the US wants. Water. and what they would do to get it.

i don't care if you think i'm a nut, but, when 300+ million future americans need water--and we have it--it won't be a hard sell to talk the american people into supporting getting it at whatever cost.

don't think it's possible? well, look at Iraq--and the world still has a lot of oil. moreover, a human, or an american--i hear some of them are human, right penny--can't go without water.

they buy it now. but, what about when we say "no, sorry, we need it for us." or "sorry, we decided russia would pay more."


see pictures below to remind yourself how good we are at solution making.

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