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a photo of how i feel
about my penis
all hail the penis
blogs to an uncaring deity
chess, game of kings and smarty pants
crimes against brilliant minds
Current Affairs
dvorass said cats would 0wnz the web
everything is light and light is every thing
Food and Drink
fuck america, i would.
i didnt choose to be human
if i make a good day category, i can prove they exist
in honor of my judeo-christian roots
it's a metaphor, stupid.
itty bitty bits of nothingness
jesus says parables rock
live and learn
lyrics so i don't eat my foot.
mama said knock you out
monday. the day when life holds your testes softly.
msn goodness
one bad idea begets another
overheard: That Seventies Commune
pet projects
photo log updates
photo of the day
photo stories (flash)
posts that may have influenced my posts, like incest.
programming kung fu
random photos
realization decreases sharply after a certain age
retro ruzz
ruthie asked, am i going to get broken?
shit you already know, but never do
shit you should read
sleep when your dead
sometimes ruzz=dunsky
street stories
techie shit
that moment when you just
the bleeding edge
the body politic and my rectum. both stink.
the capitalist pull
the fringe mentality
the joy of photo graphy
the more i use it, the more i like it
the ramblin
the sweet
things non ruzz' have said
things to keep a ruzz up at night
this goat sucking thing we call life
this is your mind on photography, any questions?
this week at
time. you suck.
war is hell
warning: this will bore you.
we are givin this shit away
what the fuck
where have all the good blogs gone
why annabelle why
will kill for a good sleep
will write bad poems for food
women who are crazy and the ruzz' who love them