Saturday, August 28, 2004

if i were

this site was down.
really really down.
and i thought
wouldnt i love to make a big
fat juicy tasty sexy cheesyfry
post just now

instead i whined to anyone near me
its like
for the good of the masses and all
isnt it.

in a somewhat surprising twist
i got me a payday today
thats unheard of
a payday
before imlateday?

what's even stranger
if stranger is even an option
(i'm not into casual anticdotes, sorry)
then what's even stranger is
i still had money, you know, that shit
that buys stuff? yeah, well, i still had
some left from the last

omgitsapayday day

we're giving these couches away.

and so, i'm not quite sure what to do with
my endothemonth angst
not quite sure at all

i suppose
if pressed
if stressed
if really digdowndeep impressed
i could wrangle me something worth
worrying over

ooh. there. got it mind.

see how easy that was?

and everything is right in the world again
tomorrow, i have some bill paying, daja pleasing,
photo printing, walk walking to do

then judekyle is taking me for some
cuz monday is my bday man
but don't take no notice of my bday
its just another day
nothing special
no need for lavish gifts and bathroom blowjobs
no need at all.


i just run the gerry's out of some shitass frenchy town
and they look to be on the ropes
hitler has already lost his nut
and seems my boys n me
seems we might just pull this off

then them rotten brits will owe us
their cassocks.
and their virgin daughters.

you can plainly see it's almost

in fact. lets do that right now.
and oh, fuck you, no new pictures
till i get over being mad at you.

and you
and you
and, well.. no, not you, you got a
nice rack baby, i could never
stay mad at you.

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Monday, August 23, 2004


i was thinkin, because theres no one--update, i was also thinking spelling would be a handy talent-- here but me, so talking is out, but i was thinkin that i should cut my daily work hours down to 8-9 instead of the 10-14 i normally run on. then, i was thinking, maybe today isnt a good day to start since i've already got 5 hours into ineluctable and have't even started what i'm supposed to do today.

tomorrow maybe.

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

my latest flash site

dustincapfor those of you who want to see what a php guy makes when he gets into flash, you can click the screen cap to see my most recent project. It started out as a quick job to cover some immediate bills and grew into a bit more. That seems to happen.

In any case.. it's pretty much done and i'm going explode with joy now.

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Saturday, July 31, 2004


chatter, chatter, chatter.


i say, dood, your cock is hangin out.
"is it?"

he looks.

"it is.."

he tucks it back in.

chatter, chatter, chatter.

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