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Thursday, November 04, 2004

wheeling through the night.

last night, somewhere around 2am i had a sense i should quit up for the night. just throw it in. but, i am desperately trying to get caught back up and pushed. because when you are behind, then lose more time, you have to focus to get just as far behind as you were. silly, i know.

so i kept going. was teetering on the edge of completion..

and then i deleted a couple hundred lines of code, thinking it wasn't for this module, and continued to work for a while. then i realized it was for this module. and realized i just made a HUGE effin mistake. So of course, in a panic i tried to fix it.

and made it worse.
broke the app pretty bad.

and still tired, still freaking out, i tried to fix it more.
and made it worse still.

so realizing that i was destorying hard work, i quit.

and watched a bit of shrek 2.

then went to bed but couldnt sleep
because my brain was like
wtf is happening to make that broken
and i lay and think about it for an hour

which, as you know isnt sleep.
but yeah.

so the moral of this story is
its wrong to push yourself too far.
or something stupid.
i got bored writing this.

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