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Saturday, November 06, 2004

trial ruzz: nearly expired.

seems i have 20 days left on my typepad trial. 20 days of daily ruzz remain. This was an experiment and though i got frustrated from time to time--i think it was a success.

I would, were it possible, continue here till for some time, but i surely can't afford these digs. It's a shame too because typepad kicks some ass. The new wysiwyg editing is the bomb.

that all said, i don't have the $15 a month US to keep this lifestyle up.

I had planned,

if this went well to try to convince you readers to pay for my next year. or some portion of it. but the realization is that wouldn't happen, so we gear up for goodbyes. this is your heads up. 20 days, and ruzz.typepad.com is gonzo. y0.

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