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Saturday, November 13, 2004

the whole html thing

html needs to die.


when TBL was huddled around his vic 20 thinking up http (which ultimately, for you becomes the web--not the internet) and he thought, hey, it's 1908 we have ridiculously limited bandwidth.. what if i made it stateless, what he did was bind us all to what has become the web.

it makes no sense today, with the pipes we have to be running stateless. none at all. maybe cnn, but even they can fuck off and buy more pipe. cheap bastards.

ive had it entirely with html. ive had it with multipage sessions. ive had it with a general lack of creative thought on the web--though it could be argued one must be increasingly creative (see typepad) to make good apps in the current incarnation of the web.

more to the point, i'm tired of creative genius being wasted on workarounds instead of advancements. it mirrors the current world politic too closely. i got into programming to get away from humans and politics, not to get closer to them.

and what is there to replace this. .net sorta. J2EE probably. flex? could happen.

what i know is this... you want great apps, we want to give them to you. maybe its time for a change with that in mind.

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