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Thursday, November 04, 2004

osama's pajamas.

what if we all just slide on a pair of osama's pajamas. lions and tigers, infidels and teeny tiny explosives. i want mine to be green and blue.

there are so many liberals whinging about the election. seriously people, get over it. it's not like the leafs won the cup or the hip broke up. American's got what they overwhelmingly wanted. and so to did at least 2/3rds of "that 70s commune".

we are celebrating up here with vigorous discussion about the impending decline of the fascist states of america. i say give 'em eight more years of bush if thats what it takes to run this horrible experiment we call the US into the ground.

i say give them 10 more years and i will help load the weapons for all the young breadbasket boys who are going off to die in unknown lands for over-production needs a new market sensabilities.

I want the US to falter. i want it to tumble crumble and come apart at the seams. i want the world to unite and say by electing bush you clearly can't be trusted with your liberty so we are taking it from you.

isn't that what bush told the government of iraq?

the fun has only begun kids, and i say bring it on. i hope they invade, plunder, lie, steal, take the vote from women, abolish abortion and make not reading the bible a capital punishment. I sincerly do.

then americans who don't have a voice will decide to either get one or go somewhere more like their beliefs.

and, like a room full of KKK with no poor black kids around to lynch, they will have to feed on themselves.

can't wait till china or russia pop in with a "uhm, sorry cowboy" when bush oversteps his place.

anyone who really thinks the US controls the balance of world power is blind. and possibly stupid.

nothing is ever what it seems. true power never shows it's masters.

when will we learn.
moreover, who fuckin cares.

i got one life and i'm damned if i'm spending it mourning the loss of a liberal majority illusion.

liberals need to die.

kerry thanking the "kids for kerry".
you fuckin puss.

what a swell guy. a nice guy.
the world needed attilla the fuckin hun.
they needed someone who wasn't a puss to get up and call bush and right wing americas shit.

but, you know--if they did that, they wouldnt be democrats. or liberals.

i doubt that concept makes any sense to most of you.

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i always sleep better in osama's pjs.

Posted by: jude | Nov 5, 2004 12:41:33 PM

I hate it when you can't get the bum flap down in time though....

Posted by: Reluctant One | Nov 5, 2004 4:16:09 PM

I, for one, will have great fun pointing and laughing.

Posted by: absolut doc | Nov 6, 2004 2:17:24 AM