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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

my mouth suffered a massive terrorist action.

in true judeo-christian fashion i had to end my good day with bad. Can't have the sweet without the sour, i guess. I crawled into to bed about 4am and was overcome with the most fantastic toothache. if this toothache was running for president.. it would be a landslide. so powerful and convincing that it could rule the free world. and the ladies it would bed. oh my.

i saw it coming at 12. bad molar rising. tried to rationalize with it by way of a small ibu bombardment. terrorists can't be reasoned with.

so again i dropped some bombs at 4. didn't even phase the freedom fighters.

so 5am i get up and cut the heat. freeze those fuckers out. ice bags tend to smell, you know.

watched the last of waking life hoping the ibu would cover the pain. hope is futile when you deal with an organization who hates your way of life. this molar, this terrorist molar believes it has claim to the lower right back of my mouth. says it's been on the land, or under, for 15 years at least, and is willing to die for a homeland.

my molar wants to be israel. it doesn't care who suffers to get there.

so i retire, more tactical ibuprophen strikes. more ice. and eventually drift off to a light throbbing sleep.

trouble breaks out in korea. or my kitchen area. also called korea.

annabelle is manufacturing nuclear meows. she's threatening to sell them to my subconscious. a late night meeting with the joint chief of staffs and we decide to use the a-bomb.  airwalk bomb. direct hit.

periodic fighting breaks out in all the hotspots through out the night.

12pm rolls around and i've barely slept. my mouth is still under attack, the al-annabelle is still mixing it up from scattered to rolling meows. my throat hurts. my head is clear as not fuckin clear at all and i wonder.

is this all that there is?

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the assault will keep coming you oppressive consumer. you will suffer from attack after attack until we've torn down every last bit of will power you possess. or at least until you get us extracted.

Posted by: osama bin jude | Nov 23, 2004 1:48:25 PM