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Thursday, November 11, 2004

long day


an effin long day.

my back is saying some rather unhappy things to me. my mother would wash it's... discs out with soap.
for true. i knew the taste of every major brand of soap.

yes, i am proud of that.

the grind isn't quite over as i await customer feedback on a teenie-tiny point. those are the ones we always get caught on. but, once thats there, i'm good.

and as part of my plan to diversify the .ruzz platform i completed the code base for my next app. I will of course have to make some small changes, and tweaks, and make it enterprise ready but don't be too shocked if i'm offering pay-by-the-month services for web things real soon.

nothing you folks would want, i don't think. but, hopefully something to shore up the disaster that is my wallet.

anyways, it's late. i'm beat & the prophet's ps2 calls.

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So, is the on-line-blogging-ruzz going away altogether Friday or are there plans for you to pop your head back up in a differant guise? I really figure your addicted to it and as much as you may want to stay away, you will be back, even if you have to dust off BBT or use your new cool .ruzz app as a blog system.

Posted by: Alchemist | Nov 11, 2004 7:20:53 AM

as far as i know the blogging-ruzz is going way. I have no time to develop anything blogging related just now (as you know :P) and until brent completes the bbt 2 rewrite, i dont think given my image heavy blog, i would go back to bbt.

i entertained the idea of dusting off the mini-cms i wrote before i wrote bbt, but, again.. why waste the time?

the .ruzz app doesn't have anything really resembling a blog module.. but someday it may..

I guess, it's the end.. until something changes, at least.

Posted by: ruzz | Nov 11, 2004 1:38:41 PM