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Sunday, November 21, 2004

funny how things go

sometimes i puzzle at the syncronicity of things, we all do i imagine.

i'm working on a project now that has managed to slide through cracks because of it's nature, and my situation, and it forced me to reconsider some stuff, and really brought out another programmatic breakthrough for me.

and come back to the trite --everything in it's time.

i can't get away from it when it's right in my face. soothing some, calming some.

the risk here is to let this new way of looking at things expand and take over the course of things. Can't do that, because i have a working model and i need to complete it, but, i think the .ruzz framework is going to get a rethink when i have some time. more oop.

anyways, thats it. back to my work.

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