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Sunday, November 07, 2004

fuck you.

Photo_20041107_231416_0005_resizeI've decided just now, in an act of self sabatoge, or rebellion--you decide--that i'm taking today, tomorrow and tuesday off.

I will make one exception for that, in the form of a phone call to a prospective client. nothing else.

everyone else who wants, needs,  or simply can't continue to exist without something they want from me can fuck off.

I had an extremely trying week in the form of pestulance and being emotionally ass raped over a simple dispute of fact, and i've been sticking to it to see myself to rent and food. I have those things, and my obligation to the rest of the world just took second seat to my own need to repair, rest and clean my head out some.

i'm so jazzed that i have read the same page in a book 3 times in a row because i can't quiet the hum in my ears. My neck has gone to whatever place lives beyond spasms. call it exhastive clenching--whatever. my body is shutting down on me, my brain is collapsing inward and more than any of that i just feel like no one else is going to say ruzz, you deserve a break. take one.

so, despite the potential damages to whatever could be damaged by a three day delay, i'm going on strike till my head feels like a head, not a semi-conductor.

and anyone who can't get behind that can take a ticket, go to window three and get a hearty fuck you, compliments of the house.


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