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Saturday, November 06, 2004

developing ruzz

periodically i detest this development work. sometimes i just get so sick and tired of coding that i wish i had a nice job pumping gas or something. but, then there are times, where i come across a problem i've faced in the past and faltered on--but am able to handle it clean and easy now, and i realize i've developed as a developer.

Photo_20041102_141026_0008_resizeit's over three years now since I wrote BBT and in that time i have done a lot of projects, developed my own application framework (.ruzz framework) and now the mundane that slowed me down, limiting features and intuitiveness just isn't there.

I was working on an app and i thought, what if i made me an alias? what if i just spoofed one function but did another specfic to a user.. and two lines later i had an alias system.


not to you, of course.

but, even though i could use a serious break from this computer--i feel pretty pleased with myself in general.

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hang in..you do good work...don't give into cluster funk

Posted by: Joan | Nov 6, 2004 9:13:39 PM