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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

blogging insurgence

sometimes i fancy myself an elder statesman (or warrior, depending on the day--but today statesmen) of blogging. I've been at this one way or other for whats coming up on five years. got to be some 10,000 posts in that period, maybe less or more, but close to that. And from this position i have had the unique experience of watching the phenom of blogging grow, change, deviate and nestle itself on the edge of mass perception.

there were bloggers, and wars with bloggers over where we all thought this thing would head--and i think we are still in the nascent-pre-established period.

That all said, as my days grow short here--17 days left, recall--I have time to reflect on some of the things i think are missing from this scene. Some things that came and went, and to my mind should still be present.

and so it is i arrive to my point.

I plan to make a post this coming friday about my 5 favorite blogs & why, and also my five most frequently read & why. I think we fail to promote one another and i think it hurts the genuinely interesting blogs and favors the mundane well known.

so i invite you all to partake on your own blogs this coming friday.  Please leave a comment on my friday blog directing readers to your list, and you are foolish enough to include me in your list--dont.  Because, hopefully you will explain what you are doing and why, which ought have a link to here, so thus linked i would prefer you give notice to another blog.

besides, this blog is soon history.

i hope you all will dig in and participate. I remember when i did "the books that changed me and why" lists, and by it's end some fourty bloggers had participated by sharing parts of themselves and promoting books that changed them. Now, in an act of blogging insurgence against the norms of whinging about politics you don't participate in, or babbling about your girlfriend, or citing song lyrics i ask you take a day and share your favorite sites.

this is how blogging began, and how it still should be.

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This sounds like such a great idea, and if I had better, assured access to the internet I would join in. If I can get online Friday I will do it for sure.

I just came here to catch up and I can honestly say, I really miss being able to come here on a more regular basis, I have missed so much. Blah.

Posted by: aden | Nov 10, 2004 9:35:58 AM

youre going to miss it even more when its gone :P

if you can, participate. if not, no big deal.. :)

Posted by: ruzz | Nov 10, 2004 3:41:12 PM

friday came and went...what about your list?

Posted by: veronicalynne | Nov 13, 2004 11:12:53 AM