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Thursday, November 25, 2004

2 days left, so let me ask a stupid question

i like stupid questions. i'm overly fond of them, actually. sometimes the stupidest questions reveal our own ignorance, or the ignorance of our culture.  the first person who said, but aren't slaves people too probably seemed stupid to his (or more likely her) time. The first person who said aren't women peolpe too? the person who said is there another way than capitalist democracy? wait.. has anyone asked that now that we really know the face of capitalist democracy? capitalist facism.

so my question is: when you are barely making enough to eat your daily bread, and living by your labour, how are you ever supposed to get yourself ahead.

every single thing in this country is set up for those people safely on the other side of the poverty line. every single thing. I know, i spent a lot of time there.

And i ask you, where is justice in our time? where are people's hearts? where did the infatigable human spirit go? is this the best world all our brains could create?

or do we just not care enough.

I used to think the evolution of the human (in non-physical terms) was inevitable. how could we not, with our love and our hope, and our untiring taste for a better life, how could we not evolve. how could we not bring the dregs and unwashed with us when we went?

but that was before i understood how deeply fear rules the lives of most. how deeply we've allowed our own isolation. how thuroughly we've been processed by the powers that be.

i guess it must be true, and it's certainly supported by history, that the only thing that moves humans is outright oppression.

which i guess is why we cycle from fear and pulling back (which increases the extent of the oppression quite naturally) to rebellion (once it gets too great).  but none of this is progress. a world fascinated by productivity and not having a single thought on progress.


i want to know where all the people who dare to ask "how can we improve this world?" have gone? i guess they probably gave up when they realized, what i realize, that people don't give a flying fuck about "the world" because there is no collective spirit on any level. they care about themselves, they have class-self interest and that's the end of it.


amazing the things that happen inside you when you do try to dream of a better world. try it sometime, maybe between commercial breaks, eh?

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that's what i'm talking about in my most recent movie, one of the things anyway, but everyone will miss it, being too put off by the homosexuality to really pay attention to anything else that's going on.

Posted by: oliver | Nov 26, 2004 12:30:18 AM

All those people are still out there doing what they feel is right. It is just that they don't make it between the commercial breaks because what they do is not exciting.

The capitalist system has one major flaw (and a gazillion minor ones) that it thinks it is the perfect solution - perfect level playing field - what more could you ask for? - they just fail to realize that the playing field is piled up with the bodies of the likes of you who can't dig out. Everyone they "see" is "equal". You just are not seen.

Why? I don't know but it makes me very sad and a little part dies every time I think of it.

I am not a saint, or perfect or really even meaning to brag, but I won't screw someone else just to get ahead. Maybe that means I get screwed instead, but more often it means I still get what I want/need and don't hate myself for it.

I'm really going to miss this part of your blog. I would happily give $5/year but I can't do the whole thing right now. Let me know if enough other people say the same thing and you want the $5.

Posted by: Alchemist | Nov 26, 2004 8:09:07 AM

three people saying $5 buys a month. getting too late to happen i think. one day left.

Posted by: ruzz | Nov 26, 2004 12:40:32 PM

i'm not sure why it's always on the poor people to fight the fights, to act with dignity. no one else seems to care, why (aside from the obvious accuity) is the work foisted on the poor.

you say you won't screw other to get ahead, and it's commendable. but, also, a recipe for long term suffering in this world.

it is equal. fuck or be fucked.

just that the fuckers, tend to have resources the fucked don't.

Posted by: ruzz | Nov 26, 2004 12:43:23 PM