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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

you know.

"it's a hard world
it's a cold world
i could never say what i mean"
the be good tanyas - broken telephone

it's a hard world to get your effin mp3 licenses which got deleted in your last rebuild. that's hard. and not being able to listen to all the music i actually bought is just cold man.

but that isn't really what i mean.

I thought, i would throw a few words out while i wait for CSI: Miami to finish up. Thought, i would just try to forget all the shit that comes in my mind when i blog nowdays and just, you know, blog.

about the weather. babes in pleather. a girl named fred. whatever.

i worked my nut sack off today. first big day of code since we moved. full out day, from when i got up till about 2 hours ago. 10 hours of code makes the brain a bit haggard. merle haggard. and my ass becomes willie nelson.

but, there is this enormous thread of momentum coming together and i figure i best ride that while it's here. god only knows when some massive detour will pop up and shunt me back to the hood. me and my homies drinkin ginger ale's and playing sequence.

tough crowd.

can't seem to get caught up this year for nothin. contract work is tough sometimes. you get into cycles and if you can't break one you stay there forever. just stay there forever. you get behind, you have to conceed something to stay floating and then you get more behind. and more and more.

then maybe you move.
or get moved.
or die of rectal embolyism.

or choking on a weapon of mass chicken.

hard to say. but, i can say it's tough. it takes real discipline. something i don't have. never have had, and barely can fake having. life is about living, right?

too many things cookin right now to really dig into any of them, but it's shaping up around here, and i feel near capacity again. been a while for that. this or that. tit or tat.

those tanyas. they be good.

i would be good.
if someone could just decide what good was.
for once.
and all.

and not flip

i swear.

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so what's the deal? i thought just you were moving. did everybody move? no more big yellow commune?

how the hell have you been ruzz? what kind of work are you doing these days? are you still coding for big guy or have you gone 8-5?

i read about the photography...what about the acting?

i miss you big guy. i wish you peace.

Posted by: veronicalynne | Oct 12, 2004 8:35:14 AM