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Thursday, October 14, 2004

this best work y0

my naughty nurse told me to turn and cough. then we had a smoke and she said "dood, get y0 ass some mellow-tone-in" and i said "lets do that again" and she sayd "shoosh" and i sayd "mellow-what-yin" and she sayd, "dorkus, go get herbal"

so i tried to buy some mellow-yellow-tone-in from my regular dealer and he sayd "homie, i do herb, but not the healthy kind" and sent me to London Drugs.

I found the melatonin, as it be called, for an insane $11.99 for 90 sublingual (more on that later) tablets.

for details on this supposed wonder drug go here.

I think it's crazy, but i'm going to go off my anti-psychotics for a day or two and try it out ;)

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