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Thursday, October 21, 2004

rhythm: the clunk

the good news is the clunk is officially over. yes. over.

the clunk, is an rebalancing of the mechanical/technical continuum. blessed or cursed, with an unnatural dispersment of technical/mechanical good fortune, every now and then it balances itself out with a clunk.

a clunk where nothing works. life grinds. everything is a fight.

and, the first sign was the server --which i still have a day of work on to get live-- coming up like i wanted. the confimation was going out for a smoke, realizing i hadn't my lighter but only a single match. in the clunk, that match would almost light my smoke. almost.

because there are mechanical factors at play, you see.

call me a loon. i've lived this life.

i may even do that thing i haven't been able to do but wont mention here. because it's certainly a load off the ol brain.

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