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Thursday, October 28, 2004


i haven't meh'd this world enough lately. meh.

and meh.

completely irrelevant to you, because the people still using internet explorer tend to be non technical, and thus use the browswer that comes by default. and then complain about virus and trojan problems.

i left IE a few years back, went to opera. but, opera has some problems that i just can't seem to forgive. Like a memory hole that sucks resources down as the day goes on. and a lot (A LOT--Limited editing in typepad, cant get gmail at all, and so on) of websites that have special jazz going on with java, or whatnot, are limited in opera. Developers it seems don't take opera seriously.

and, for kicks, i installed mozilla firefox a ways back. Never having meant to use it i have decided it is the best browser available. It's very IE like, in look and feel. but has the advanced features of opera. And then some.

I have yet, aside from having to go CTRL-L instead of my happy F2 to open a new site, to find a single flaw in this browser.

consider downloading it and throwing IE out. if for nothing else than the popup protection saving intrusions on your machine.

have a look..

Get Firefox!

I have some bitching to do later, but first i'm waiting for my governmental sanctioned rectal probe. sit tight and clench them cheeks in my honor.

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