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Saturday, October 30, 2004


i'm working on a project, behind of course, and i had this realization that i'm doing this all wrong. I'm running my entire business wrong.

and fortunately i had a simultaneous vision of how i could change the structure of my development/hosting/design process to mean less chunks of income, and more regular income.

which is the real problem. i don't care if you win the lottery, if you get your cash in irregular chunks it's almost impossible to regulate. look at people who take the payout up front and are broke in three years. then look at people who take $150/k a year for 20 years.

this is the trick, i think, to making a small business work like a day job. regulating the income.

so, i have yet another thing to add to my list. i have to really mull it over, talk with people about it, and see if i'm being silly, of course, but in order to do it, i need six months or so to get some stuff in place.

sometimes, being fragmented can pay off.

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