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Thursday, October 28, 2004


I talked about this a way back: but i've decommissioned a number of my sattillite sites today.


all the content from them is being moved into the wiki, as i have time --which i have none of right now-- so there will be nothing lost.

i'm the ibm of weblogs. i expand, then contract, then expand, then contract. it's terribly boring.

i keep searching for that one combination that will put this shit in context. it doesn't exist yet, because i haven't wrote it yet.

in other news, i have been tirelessly riding this stat bike everyday. 10-15k everday. the effects of which are increase energy, my sleep is normalizing, and i just generally feel like a better ruzz.

you should get off your duff more too.

i have a project to complete, and a defense to complete, and an embolism to experience.

i was going to bitch about a bunch of aggrivating stuff. but, i'm not in whining mode right now--more like pushing through the shit mode.

they say "problems are not solved, they are lived through"

true story.

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