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Friday, October 22, 2004


we bring you the cheese.

having essentially called it a day, and a successful one at that, i took a short video (damn batteries died, and teg has my second set) of one of the new kittens. he looks just like six. you all remember my love of six.

and thusly, because i am a geek, i chose to not read or watch a movie, but spend 25 mins putting together about 19 seconds of cat joy for you.

for those of you interested in the process:

1. you shoot it
2. take .MOV file from camera, use sorenson squeeze to convert to .wmv
3. import to Windows Movie Maker
4. play. it's fun.
5. save movie (again, .wmv)
6. import back to sorenson squeeze and convert to .flv
7. open dreamweaver
8. insert flash video.
9. upload files.
10. go read number9dream and pray this doesn't mean you are less than a man because you are posting videos of kittens on your website. :)

ps. shell got the boots in an alley scrap, more on that later. All here on the 24-hour-all-ruzz-all-cat channel.

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Ok, we all know i think cats should be sauteed in garlic and served with penne
damn that kitty is cute
I mean, really cute.

This is all part of your master plan, isnt it?
Damn you.


PS. I can just see you as one of those old guys who wears argyle sweater vests and brown poly pants. You know the kind that talks baby talk and lives in a haze of cat hair?
But i still think you're manly. :)

Posted by: Reluctant One | Oct 22, 2004 7:46:54 AM