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Monday, October 25, 2004

breaking night break

last night was a sort of clearinghouse of thoughts. it was good. restored my thinking to more important things. so blogs can be useful. see. i've proved it.

i read back now, and i painted a much darker picture than is so. i think, the furnace motor dying, and the firemen, and policemen, and stupidity of men with guns, sent my mood to the crapper. not that it wasn't on the way before that.

it was.

but my normal sleep patterns are almost restored, and what seems impossible at the end of the day, seems attainable by morn. or noon. whatever.

it's all good. it aint great. but, through descent to depth we sometimes learn interesting shit. watching the walls fall away and the bullshit we tell ourselves fade, we learn something.

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yea, it was good for me too. now we bask in the afterglow of slowly burning cigarettes and tiny trails of smoke.

Posted by: veronicalynne | Oct 25, 2004 10:36:43 PM