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Wednesday, October 27, 2004


"and we homeless kings
absolute rulers
of sewn lips
and glued eyelids
tend our columns of fallow meaning
reliable as old-birth-hips."

excerpt from the bringing - © 01/09/2004 i.m. ruzz

and just like that, we shift into a new period.

i don't know if you go through periods in your life. i do. loosely defined, bound by a particular thread of thought, energy or passion the days become a period.

some would argue i was in my fallow period before this. but, here in farm country we know you have to actually plow that land before you let it sit. so i wouldn't characterize this last period that way. In fact, i don't know how i would categorize it. normally, my periods are defined by my poetry, or writing. and as the content shifts to match my life i can tell by what i'm writing about.

this time, it's been all photography, and no pattern is clear. so whatever. fuck it.

it's not important what you call a period, or how you identify them. it's what you do in them that counts. and if my last period was characterized by one theme, it was shock. awe. and disbelief.

I've recently had a really genuine wake up call. and for that i thank a couple of assholes who think they are better than me. nothing fires my engine like people who think they are better than me. well, people who think they are smarter probably fires it more--but no one would make that mistake with these two yahoos.

i feel like crackin skulls and laying waste. i've apologized, acquiesced, deferred, and internalized enough for a life-time. i'm done with that.

i'm tired of being sorry or wrong all the effin time.

sometimes, you gotta break a few eggs to make french toast.

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