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Saturday, September 18, 2004


I've conceived my first photo essay for photolush. i have to execute it, jude is going to write the introduction for me, and then i need to actually get a system in place to display this shit. All, as i gear up for what is presenting as the most insane week or two in the past year.

of course, nothing will rival the opening of incorruptible while simultaneously moving into this pad, and moving the servers to their new homes last year, but it's going to be interesting.

when did september become the month of change and work.

so, i hope, i can steal enough minutes to produce the work i want in the next couple weeks. it's low key. doesn't require a lot of extra shit like models or special settings, so that helps. If i can do that, then, in the first week of october, i should be able to get it up, i will be without internet as we're shuffling some things around here, so the timing will be good. no net, means i can't waste time blogging for you.

maybe, i could actually create something interesting without the net.

oh, and i found out who our mystery commentor is. i'm surprised, and a little let down. voyuerism is not half as sexy as they say.

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