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Friday, September 17, 2004

in summary

—covering your windows with dark cloth, opening your door enough for the travels of cats, and staying up till your blind tired is a good system for catching up some on sleep.

—The Reluctant one, back some time ago, she mentioned how she thought people were stingy with links these days. No one ever linking to another, and the longer i'm back, the more i agree. I remember the halcyon days of blogging back when me and yana were creating little internet wars all over and how if you read something you liked, you shared it and your thoughts about it on your blog, or, if you found a blog you liked, you shared it. no more. exactly zero inbound links from unexpected sources occur around here these days. it's an interesting phenomenom.

—i can't find my willie nelson cd. Spirits. i crave it. those rich guitar chords. it's frustrating.

—i've started a new series over on photo.ruzz.ca and i admit, as god commented to me, that if i don't explain what i'm doing no one can engage. maybe that's true. but, some of you aren't stupid and some of you could take the time to ask a couple questions about it (to yourselves, not me) and maybe someone might get the vibe i'm throwin. But, in a sweet irony, if no one gets it, if no one takes the time or makes the effort, as a photographic series it fails, but as an artistic observation, it succeeds.

—i also added 20 photos to the photolog

—today is friday

—i had dreams about kissing. gah. torture. is there much better in the world than a great kiss? or worse than waking up and realizing it didnt happen?

—i'm giving you this a+ content now, because i'm going into code mode for a few days and don't expect much in the way of thoughts, photos, or otherwise. lap it up sucka. lap it up.

—my pencil is large and yellow.

—aden is being a jackass.

— i'm bored already.

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There is nothing better in the universe than an incredible kiss.

Unless of course, you are a jackass.

Posted by: aden | Sep 17, 2004 5:53:08 PM

What, you meant it? Saturday morning with no new Ruzz to read? Ack!

Posted by: Penelope | Sep 18, 2004 1:17:51 PM