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Sunday, September 12, 2004

hold the phone

i decided, decisively, to hold off writing that bit. that blurb. that one year in summary brochure. i'm tired and sick and partially pissy. so what for. why.

besides that, i have some work work to do tonight, and a review for ineluctable on resident evil: apocolypse and i want to get right with jesus too.

maybe pissy is the wrong mood for The Passion of The Christ, i dunno. but i haven't much else to watch and i'm feeling run down. movies are great for run down, right?

so screw it i say. screw the leaflet and the poster. screw the cause and the meat. sunday nights are meant for looking forward, not back.

maybe, if i feel ambitious or less hostile i will pipe it out on the anniversery of my move. in six days. or maybe, i won't.

sit up at night trying to guess.

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maybe you should pull down sims 2...nothing like pulling the life strings of virtual people

Posted by: todd | Sep 12, 2004 9:14:20 PM