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Wednesday, September 15, 2004



Posted by ruzz on September 15, 2004 at 06:02 PM in it's a metaphor, stupid. | Permalink


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Hey, you must have found a potato nest! Great harvest. Home grown potatoes taste the best.

You really did scare off all the other commentors didn't you? You'd better wake up some of your other personalities.

Posted by: Penelope | Sep 15, 2004 8:45:39 PM

i'm too busy thinking of scalloped potatoes with real cream and green onions to comment.


Posted by: Reluctant One | Sep 15, 2004 8:56:31 PM

Mashed (whipped) with sour cream and garlic.

Potato skins with cheese and bacon bits.

The potato is a wonderful food. Atkins be damned.

Posted by: absolut doc | Sep 15, 2004 11:11:39 PM

i'll mash em up for you and teg

Posted by: jude | Sep 16, 2004 4:52:15 PM