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Thursday, September 02, 2004

02 sept 04 --POTD--the size of man

9022004-600 I was fortunate enough to miss my bus and have to wait 45 mins for the next one, which put me (some five hours later) at the train station right at sunset, and right in the middle of a storm.

i got some great stuff. today's POTD makes me remember our size in the scheme of things.

Posted by ruzz on September 2, 2004 at 02:02 AM in photo of the day | Permalink


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I'm curious; when you are looking thru the "eye" of your camera, does the shot look the same as the final result?

Did the sky look as wonderous then as it does now, captured?

Posted by: Reluctant One | Sep 2, 2004 6:18:17 AM

Those are some lengths you go to to get these pictures.

Posted by: Penelope | Sep 2, 2004 8:50:51 AM

The sky - and esp. the clouds - always impress me. Calgary gets some interesting clouds, what with the difference in weather from one part of town to the other, and your photo is proof of that. The sunset was quite also fortuitous. Nice work. Miss more buses, perhaps...

Posted by: absolut doc | Sep 2, 2004 10:18:55 AM

reluctant: no, on the default camera settings it doesn't look quite that well. The new camera is much better at reflecting true apperature and shutter settings, but it still doesn't look the same.

Essentially, the sky as it was was pretty sensational, but i brought down the light, made it more contrasted and used -2EV compensation.

so, it made the colors richer, and gave a more full tonal range.

Penny: i didn't go to any lengths at all. my life did it :P

Doc: wurd homie. i dont really know, having only lived here my whole life..

Posted by: ruzz | Sep 2, 2004 12:18:17 PM