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Monday, August 02, 2004


art1Metacarpal Tunnel Syndrome blows. period. no other way to describe it.

it blows worse when you make your living pushing a mouse.

14 hour days become 7-8. there's the pain, but i don't care no nothin about the pain. i care about the lost time. the lost income. the lost chances to create interesting things.

that's the real cost of MTS. it's that what should take days takes weeks. it's that you get all extra stressed because you can't push yourself any further than dead fingers. no how. and so a bunch of swollen veins sneak in and steal your go juice.

and they steal your peace of mind too.

and once that's gone, there is no creation.
only utility.

the second the clock becomes a factor in what your creating the available options drops ten-fold. it's a fact. i read it in the farmer's almanac just last night. page 372.

and where once you might create something truly amazing, you now, barely get the simple done.

make note kiddies.

Posted by ruzz on August 2, 2004 at 02:44 PM in i didnt choose to be human | Permalink


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Posted by: jude | Aug 2, 2004 4:06:44 PM

Naughty nurse wonders if ruzz has kept up with the treatment schedule she prescribed?

Or perhaps if he is over-indulging in "self gratification" activities?

Because if he iced like she told him to he wouldn't suffer as much. And she knows that ruzz ALWAYS obeys the naughty nurse!

Don't make me come over there young man!

Posted by: Naughty Nurse | Aug 2, 2004 4:08:38 PM

i think it would be more fun if you did.

Posted by: ruzz | Aug 2, 2004 4:43:22 PM