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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

truths your mama wasn't smart enough to tell you

#1: if you ask your brain a question it doesn't know how to answer and leave it, most times your brain (problem solving machine that it is) will work something up.

#2: if you tell the world it can't suck the goat any harder without tearing flesh, most times the world will teach you about the power of suckage on a massive planetary scale.

these two principals, in tandem, are responsible for the whole of man's progress. Not love, nor compassion, nor understanding, nor anything else deepak chopra tells you.

first you get the suckage, then you ask the questions about how to get rid of the suckage, then you get more suckage, more questions and on and on.

somehow it's progress.

jesus understood this.
who the fuck are you to question jesus?

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