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Saturday, August 21, 2004

review vol 2

20040816_164959_0023okay, having now, just now, launched my career as a professional napper, i feel more generous and because i feel that way i have to correct my previous review of kill bill vol 2.

i would like to say i opened my napping career with a strong move. I opened with a strong saturday night 9:30pm 20 min nap on the couch.

i ended it a little rough, the judges thought the gagging then biting off the last quarter inch of my tongue was overdoingit.

look, if im honest, i just wanted to make a good impression
and sometimes when i feel like that
i get stupid.

so, to correct my previous review:

when i said:
"i'm just being tortured with crappy crappy filmmaking."

what i really meant
what was being said was more about my fears of being a
napping failure and
i meant to say:

"i'm just being tortured with crappy filmmaking."

wow. i feel so much better.
sometimes, we make mistakes kiddies
and when we do we have to just step right up and say hey you, you person who i made a mistake to, i dun fuck'd up and i'm sorrrrrry.

q. man. i'm sorry.
i really dug your commentary on superman. i got behind it. all the way behind it and my behind behind your commentary is large man. truthfully my behind is large behind anything, but this one time

extra-effin-large bro.

you did that man. you made that happen with your writing skills and $80million.

who says film is dead.
you should be proud.

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Um, best of luck with the new profession. Is it highly competetive? Kind of sounds that way.

Posted by: Penelope | Aug 21, 2004 11:59:29 PM

yeah.. if i there is a lot of doping and it's just scandal after scandal. :)

Posted by: ruzz | Aug 22, 2004 12:40:22 AM

Ah, I can see that would be a problem with competitive napping. Never thougth about that one before. Those scandals just sneak in all over the place!

Posted by: Penelope | Aug 22, 2004 11:04:34 AM

Very nice site. Will sure visit again.

Posted by: John | Nov 24, 2005 6:00:16 AM