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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


i'm uncontrollably pissy tonight.

i hoped to thwart it by getting out of the house for a couple hours for some much needed sanity time, but all that really did was sharpen the sword some.

I ran into bronwynn and she was so wasted she could barely stand and had some lecherous looking fifty year old groping her.

i wanted to puke.

i also saw all manner of human depravity in my travels and jesus someone needs to start taking out the wastes of flesh. be merciful and end their fuckin suffering.

no one likes to watch another person just rip themselves to peices again and

almost no one
not me.
fuck. never me.

and i'm a bit cheesed about people pissing on people i care about.
about being able to do fuck all about it.
but thats all im saying about that because
it aint about me
and my anger.

i just feel so frustrated.
there never seems to be enough good to go around
someone always gets the shit end
and i get so tired of it being the wrong
people with shitty hands.

i'm not surprised to find there is little justice
in this world
but sometimes i can't reduce it
to background noise.

and those times
those times
its like bamboo in the nailbeds
its like sitting through the bachelor

it's bad is what i'm saying folks.
and bad aint good

no matter how you couch it.

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