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Friday, August 13, 2004

parable three

there was a man
who was very very tired
and lacking the juices of life that
kept his internal organs from clanging together
and he was tired

and god saw this and said
"shit, i guess i do exist after all"

and all was good.

but that very very tired man
he put his head to his pillow
pulled his star wars blankey to his neck
and could not sleep

even very very tired
he could not sleep.

all was not good

and he could not sleep because
his tooth ached
and his mind raced
and his heart beat
and his tummy groweled
and his loins did loin like stuff

even when the man was very very tired
he was pigheaded
maybe more so
maybe less so
but so.

and he refused to get up
and he tried to shove that
stinking aching tooth into his head
and call a pit stop for his brain
and breath deep for his heart
and point out his pudgy belly to his tummy
and thought about baseball for his loins
though he hated baseball
almost as much as he hated bush

not that kind of bush.

but still he got up
and it was 4:27 in the am.
which stands for "am" i still awake

to which he said
i am.
and god blinked
and the alarm clock blinked
and his heart beat
and his mind raced
and his tummy growled
and his loins

well.. his loins didn't do much
because God was watching
and he was very very afraid of being smote
his cousin bruce was smote
with a motorcycle
just the once
and he never
got back up

so best to keep God and the loins apart.

and he got up
and his computers hummed
and the cats stretched
and his email blinked
and his tooth still ached

so he blogged.
but then he got bored right on
the 67th line

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another very very tired man
came in at line 67
and that very very tired man
thought to pick up the parable
but then he thought he should go to bed

Posted by: jude | Aug 13, 2004 6:36:26 AM

and the reluctant poet rose
read the unfinished parable
and thought to finish what
the very very tired men
could not

but then she realized
reluctant was not only
her namesake
but her state of mind

and that although capable
of most things
she wasnt really that wise
and that she should probably be
writing her own blog

Posted by: Reluctant One | Aug 13, 2004 9:12:23 AM

and he read the parable
and he wondered
"Don't parables have points or lessons?"
and he wondered
if loins and god equals smoting is the lesson
and he realized
he doesn't like this god but
does like his own loins and bush
(not the "right" one but the right one)
and was happy

Posted by: Alchemist John | Aug 13, 2004 11:00:10 AM