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Sunday, August 08, 2004


20040806_232039_0005_resizethere was a man.
there was a weblog.

there was a man and a weblog.
early in the afternoon he would rise.
late at night he would set.
and still, a weblog.

and when the others saw this
they cried out to the man
and some other things i couldn't quite hear
which are probably important to the parable

i apologize profusely.
i often forget my notary.
or, whatever it is they call those tongueless women who
record court cases

and why are they always women
or perhaps
given my clear fetish for tonguelessnessishness
i only notice when it is women.

you get my dift

and the man spake back
with great fire and passion
silencing all who heard him
and even me, who did not quite hear him
so you can see what he said was clearly something

once again. many apologies.
i guess i'm not as good at parables as i once believed.

but still
there was a weblog
a man
and a number of empty lines.

only now
there were silent people

as well.

though none i noticed had dictaphone type apparatus.

be well and prosper my children.

for those who can discern the true meaning of this parabale are almost certain to find their way into heaven. or maybe just
tied to my bed.

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