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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

it's been so quiet in here

20040824_000956_0031this day has been rife with quiet. nothing moving. nothing doing. i even forgot to put on tunes for most the day. it feels like i would imagine a day of preparing for something sombre might feel. nothing sombre on the immediate horizon but it still fills me up all the same.

i drink silence and it coats my belly.
we ready for war.
we ready for fall
we ready
for tomorrow.

watched wag the dog last night. first time in 10 years i've watched it and man it rocked my planet. oh sure, i want to shag anne heche, but who doesn't?

and deniro was more like an actor, less like the fuckball he's become, and hoffman, well hoffman was perfection.

dennis leary was deep into the 14th minute of his fifteen minutes of fame when wag the dog filmed but i stlil liked him. thought he was good even. I always thought he had skill. he just couldn't seem to land the right stuff.

i would like to see leary come on West Wing and shake things up.
too bad it's not cool to like him anymore.
i'm all about cool.

today's quiet was research. getting back into the app development (windows) and moving away from web stuff for a bit next month and i have to get my brain around the shift. it aint going to be like screwing your ex, no, all the parts are new and different.

whatever. i got past the panic attack and moved on to the okayhowthefuckdoesthiswork? phase and thats good. once i get there everything will be fine.

it's cold in here, in my shanty, come over and hang out.. won't you?

bring some fuckin candles man.

ps. i miss watching tv. whatever happened to tv? seemed like it was really going to be something.

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amazing as it is coming from me i liked both deniro and hoffman in wag the dog, so it must have been good.

and man alive would i like to shag anne heche.

Posted by: jude | Aug 24, 2004 9:14:28 PM