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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

explain it to ruzz

what the fuck does the new coke (C2-Half the carbs, half the Calories) have to do with breaking free. outstanding commercial. better than the movie im watching, really.


splain it to me ennernet.

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Gmail Invites

listen. let me first say, dibs to my homies. dibs to my regular readers, and regular commentors and the ones who blow me after parties. those ones, you get dibs.

i have 4 gmail invites to share.


i wan't a story-comment. you want a gmail invite, i want a story in my comment. i don't care if it's about how angry you are at your accountant, or how you were doing lines off a teenage girls belly. I want it. and because i don't believe there is such a thing as truth, you can play jazz if you want to.

if your story requires links and pictures and music and live webcam chats, well, then post it on your site and link to it in my comments, or use the handydandy trackback feature.

and don't waste your time surfin in on google trollin for invites.
if i get one "oh, i would like an invite" comment, just one
im taking this shit nuclear.

bring it on people.

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31 aug 04 --POTD--silos


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caption this


oh, you can caption this.
it's judekyle pissing on a church.

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cricket song

i'm here now. alone. 3:20 am like a matchbox20 song.
and the crickets are chirp chirp chirping their little cricket asses off.

and i think, it's a song.
its a song to say
next year
never like this second


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Monday, August 30, 2004

bday announcement

it was important for me to do this here now on my 33rd birthday.

today, i'm announcing my next project.


i'm not exactly sure the goal of it, but it's going to be for photoessays and a place to channel the lushness i see around me everyday.

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long post later

PICT0014_resizei'm burnt man. crispy even. and i have so little interest in blogging just this very foursixteenam minute. so, look, how bout i go to bed and you bake me an effin cake.

or not. whatever, you know.

tomorrows a jam pack extravaganza of stuff so yeah, sit tight yo yo ma.

ps. a picture for those of you wondering what a 33 yr old ruzz looks like. (born and raised in captivity).

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

i never do

i never seem to know if someone is interesting to me till i put them in front of my camera. you can learn so much from watching people when they know they are being watched.

I have a longish blog comin up. sit tight y0.

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Saturday, August 28, 2004


i was smokin just moments ago. smokin smokin, y'know. and i was watchin this little blacknyellow jacket wasp inspect the garbage bag left out. and thinkin, this guy, man, he's not afraid to get dirty for his master. he aint worried that the other wasps will think less of him for garbage pickin. nope, doesn't even cross his little wasp mind.

he's commited to the team.

then i got to thinkin, you know, on a pounds per square inch, or size per square pound, or well, just in relation to size vs fear, i'm not sure there is more general public panic over any living thing. Oh sure, some places they have their fear delicacies. no question. Florida and their brown recluse spiders, or texas and their itty bitty bitty scorpions (cuz like women, the smaller the more punch), and even like china and their terrifically tiny capitalists. see. there's always going to be some regional specific thingamabob to rouse the fear of the unwashed masses. always.

but what carries over, what has the real market penetration (ooooh i like that word) is wasps.

I know you're granny don't give no mind to them. She shooshes them away and they listen, but, granny had a lifetime of getting stung and shooshin to really perfect her art. i mean, man, all she had was christ, grandad coppin a feel in between shifts in the coal mine and the wasp shoosh. so really, she could focus on her art.

that's why it looks so casual.

you think if you go out for a night with a trained killer it's all stress and panic? no, he just gives em two hugs n a kiss (two to the belly one to the mellon) and that's that. no stress. no panic. it's old hat, like you thinking about cleaning the bathroom. you've done it enough it just doesn't have the stopping power it used to.

you still get stopped though, dontja?

so, okay, maybe we won't get anywhere with granny "i gave my family fortune to the mormons" or with those human abberations the bee lovers, but on the whole, no other thing on the planet has more fear bouncing between it's tiny translucent wings.

so then i'm figurin, well, if you take that there learnin about fear and you mix it with the new learnin about commitment, you quickly realize that when the two are put together, and you add a dab of direction, well you've got yourself a recipe for whatever the hell it is you like to eat.

you've got a system you could work to rule the world man.
dr. evil style.

see, if i could get to be the king of the wasps (in a loveless-sexless marraige with the queen, i hope) and those loyal as fuck garbage pickin fear packin little bastards were doing my bidding.. well let's just say your virgins wouldn't be safe no more. ya hear?

i figure, maybe after a year of devirginizing nymphs from around the world, putting out a duets rap album with slick rick and coaching the leafs to a cup i would get bored.

but then, you come in. you loyal readers. then you could rule the world through my comments box man. yeah, it would be like, you say, hey, lets rename russia to ruzzia and presto, next day the map makers are IPOing all over the damn place.

we could change the world you and me.

think on that while i try to figure how the hell to get that queen to go down on me without leaving her hind parts embedded in my fun stick.

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if i were

this site was down.
really really down.
and i thought
wouldnt i love to make a big
fat juicy tasty sexy cheesyfry
post just now

instead i whined to anyone near me
its like
for the good of the masses and all
isnt it.

in a somewhat surprising twist
i got me a payday today
thats unheard of
a payday
before imlateday?

what's even stranger
if stranger is even an option
(i'm not into casual anticdotes, sorry)
then what's even stranger is
i still had money, you know, that shit
that buys stuff? yeah, well, i still had
some left from the last

omgitsapayday day

we're giving these couches away.

and so, i'm not quite sure what to do with
my endothemonth angst
not quite sure at all

i suppose
if pressed
if stressed
if really digdowndeep impressed
i could wrangle me something worth
worrying over

ooh. there. got it mind.

see how easy that was?

and everything is right in the world again
tomorrow, i have some bill paying, daja pleasing,
photo printing, walk walking to do

then judekyle is taking me for some
cuz monday is my bday man
but don't take no notice of my bday
its just another day
nothing special
no need for lavish gifts and bathroom blowjobs
no need at all.


i just run the gerry's out of some shitass frenchy town
and they look to be on the ropes
hitler has already lost his nut
and seems my boys n me
seems we might just pull this off

then them rotten brits will owe us
their cassocks.
and their virgin daughters.

you can plainly see it's almost

in fact. lets do that right now.
and oh, fuck you, no new pictures
till i get over being mad at you.

and you
and you
and, well.. no, not you, you got a
nice rack baby, i could never
stay mad at you.

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