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Sunday, August 01, 2004

I realize you don't care

But, in many unexpected ways this post of adens impacted my recent post regarding my anger on the lazy assed overblown state of the blogging world (Don't Hate The Player, July 31 2004) and because i'm just crazy with the a hrefs i thought would throw some flow to aden for being such a shit in general and fueling my fire. Her greatest flaw is she believes all the shit you folks tell her.

A quote for you

In that grand past people told stories about their lives. I am not talking about an account of what they had for dinner, and watched on tv. I am talking about feelings, about going to a family members funeral, about falling in love, falling out of love. Going through addictions, obsessions, world events. At that time it was about telling stories, it was about using the creative process to chronicle your life.


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Face it, if I wasn't such a shit, you would not love me so much.

Posted by: aden | Aug 1, 2004 7:39:31 PM

think how much i would if you weren't :P

Posted by: ruzz | Aug 2, 2004 3:16:36 AM