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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


God? Are you there? it's me, ruzzgret.

why man. why do you get your joy joy happy happy fun balls off on making me hop through hoops and flaming cheerios? tell me. i think i deserve an answer.

give me a flaming bush or something.
you know.

old school like.

but not really. because, well, if you do something stupid and irrefutable, then i'm stuck with the idea you exist and that will stifle my ability to rape and pillage. i want to be a good soldier. everyone wants me to be a good soldier.

so maybe no flaming bush then.
bush in general is bad
it covers the lips.


k, whatever. all i'm saying fuckball, is dood, dood, really... do i need this many balls in the air? is this a skill testing question? does it build <cough> character <cough> or whatthefuck?


k. i just thought, well, i thought it was a clever opening line so i just rhymed and rolled and shit till i had enough to justify wasting the time to blog to an uncaring deity.

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Beards cover the lips, at times.

Jumping through flaming hoops with balls in the air? That gives me a very unusual mental picture.

Perhaps, if god isn't paying attention, you could dodge the hoops, or put down some of the balls for a bit. Sort things in to an order maybe? :-)

Posted by: Penelope | Aug 26, 2004 9:32:54 AM