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Saturday, August 21, 2004


20040820_172513_0020didja ever regret? i mean, really regret? something you said maybe? did? thought? felt. did you ever just toss the rule book out the effin window and then it hung in the air for days till you left your place and it plummeted swiftly to the softest spot on your mellon then you thought.. maybe, just fuckin maybe i ought'n of done that thing? saidthatthing, feltthatthing, was that thing, did he have a penisthing?


well. you shouldn't you retard.
you should be glad
almost thankful (but without
the sorryful emasculating
handjob that comes
sortofthankfulthing) and
just, you know, be satisfied
you got that thing
did that thing
felt that thing
lived that thing
or whatever the thing is.

(cept maybe the penisthing
they are kinda ugly)


(whatever works for you
in whichever particluar flavor)

(because, really
just because i don't dig the cock
doesn't mean you shouldn't)

(damn. lot of parenthises).

and if you don't --do you remember what your don'ting at this point?--sit your ass down and ask yourself why you don't.

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