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Thursday, August 05, 2004


yesterday, in safeway, jude and i were ranting and railing and stirring ourselves into a big ol' wildfire, as we are wont to do when i said "you know, i'd feel like that too if i felt i had any control"

"i feel like i don't have control over anything right now"

i coulda broke down right there and cried.
i didn't. i'm not a puss so i didn't. but i promised myself i would write a strongly worded letter to the management of this life and complain about the crappy service and the waitress being a bitch.

I always feel better when i write strongly worded letters.

Like "H".
there's a letter you don't take lightly. and i planned on using it as my very first letter. opening with hello, naturally. you know i woulda got some r-e-s-p-e-c-t after that. you fuckin know it.

i'm only posting this just now, so the women can see my tortured vulnerable side and want to ply me with thier amazing smelling curves and dips and soft parts.

and maybe, so i can remember, when i'm rested to shoot some people in the face.
nothing says i'm back in control quite like multiple homicides, i say.

okay. now i've been retarded twice in one day. tomorrow is retard free day!

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Hmmm - I have a hard time picturing you and jude "ranting and railing"...

[rolls eyes]

Posted by: the Doc | Aug 5, 2004 10:33:32 PM