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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

caption this


oh, you can caption this.
it's judekyle pissing on a church.

Posted by ruzz on August 31, 2004 at 03:23 AM in that moment when you just | Permalink


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"There you go baby. You like that, don't you? What? You want a golden shower of heavenly fire? Oh, I don't do that."

Posted by: Stephen | Aug 31, 2004 11:40:33 AM

Oh sure, this is as close as i've got to a non-octagenarian penis in so long that i'm ashamed to say and you make it out of focus????!!!

how is One supposed to check out the goods??
(for pure scientific and nursely reasons, of course)


Posted by: Reluctant One | Aug 31, 2004 12:23:39 PM

Dearest Judekyle;


Don't cry to me when it shrivels up and falls off, buddy.

Or, when despite your best efforts, it refuses to "stand and salute".

I mean shit, when's the last time i pissed on your digs? And don't even be all "what about that time in 1996, G!" You deserved a piss shower and you know it, My Child.

Maybe not now, but sometime soon, ye shall be smoted.

Consider yourself forwarned.



PS: a friendly suggestion: instead of pissing on it, you may want to go into it from time to time.

But don't bring The Ruzz. We're still trying to fix the damage from last time.

Posted by: The Holy One | Aug 31, 2004 12:34:34 PM

dearest god,

you saw that pile of black next to the door. you know that ruzz was trying to burn the church down and i was just putting out the flames. but you know i'm a liar too, so i'm guessing you won't be buying that story.

shucks, god, i was just having some fun at your express. brother lucifer told me you didn't have a sense of humour and i pointed out that you did make the mentally retarded so you must be funny...at least a little bit. i guess i gave you too much credit almighty one.

but that's a lie too, dammit. i really pissed on the church to spite you fucker!

shit, that's not true either cause i don't believe in you. i really pissed on the church cause i hate christians, had to piss, and the door was a handy target for my drunk induced urine.

just be thankful i wasn't inside, god. i might have taken a shit on your tabernacle and wiped my ass on your altar cloth before masterbating into the baptismal font.

with all my love, the prophet judekyle.

Posted by: jude | Sep 1, 2004 2:48:42 AM